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the maxine greene library

Books & Articles About Maxine

1. 2004 at TC: The Year in ReviewN/A2004  
2. Academic Homecoming Featured Gilligan, Greene and Awards to Five TC AlumniN/A1998  
3. A Celebration Announcing the Maxine Greene FoundationN/A2003  
4. A Different Way of Knowing through Aesthetic EducationJoan Baum2001, July  
5. A Light in Dark TimesWilliam. C. Ayers, Janet L. Miller, EditorsTeachers College Press1998  
6. An Artistic Vision of Education Takes Root in a N.Y. SchoolVerena Dobnik (Associated Press)2005, July  
7. An Invitation to Choose (book review)Thomas F. Green Teachers College Record1974vol. 75 no. 3p. 405-417
8. Artists, Innovators, and Teachers Hold "Imagination Conversation" at Lincoln Center InstituteMarie Holmes2003, Jan  
9. Arts Education Conference at the Heritage SchoolN/A2003  
10. Arts Educators Learning To Be Who They Are - Not Yet - at Lincoln Center Verena Dobnik (Associated Press)The Shawnee News-Star 2004, August  
11. Art, Social Imagination and Democratic Education (a special issue dedicated to Maxine Greene)Lorraine Kasprisin, Editor2010, Wintervol. 5 no. 1 
12. Barnard Education Program Celebrates 50 YearsMerri Rosenberg2002, May  
13. Becoming 'friends of someone else's mind' Don RothmanSanta Cruz Sentinel2007  
14. BookTalking with Maxine GreeneN/A2002  
15. BookTalk: Simon Schama Discusses Rembrandt’Äôs EyesN/A2000  
16. Educating the ImaginationScott-Noppe Brandon2004, Oct  
17. Education Beyond Education: Self and the Imaginary in Maxine GreeneÕs PhilosophyJohn BaldacchinoPeter Lang Publishing Group2008  
18. E-Learning in TC Muses TIMSSE: A Passion for CommunityN/A2003  
19. Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education Eugene F. Provenzo Sage Publications2008  
20. Existential Encounters for Teachers (book review)Arnold M. Rothstein Teachers College Record1968vol. 69 no. 8p. 818-818
21. Expanding the ImaginationN/A2002  
22. Flunking Retirement: A Chat with Maxine GreeneN/A2001  
23. Four Institutions, Educators Receive HonorN/A2005  
24. Greene's Dialectics of Freedom and Dewey's Naturalistic Existential MetaphysicsJames W GarrisonEducational Theory 1990vol. 40 no. 2 
25. Handbook of Reflection and Reflective InquiryNona Lyons, EditorN/A2010, SpringerPreface v 
26. Imagination and Learning: A Response to Maxine GreeneKieran EganTeachers College Record1985vol. 87 no. 2p. 172-174
27. Imagination ConversationScott Noppe-Brandon2003, July  
28. Imagine: A Nation Without the ArtsScott Noppe-Brandon2004, May  
29. International Handbook of Research in Arts Education (Section 5: "Appreciation"; entry no. 43: On Reading Maxine Greene's "Interlude")Liora Bresler, ed. (Robert Stake, entry author)Springer2007vol. 16, Part 1p. 663-665
30. In the New Millennium: The Role of Spirituality and the Cultural Imagination in Dealing with Diversity and Equity in the Higher Education ClassroomElizabeth J. TisdellTeachers College Record2007vol. 109 no. 3p. 531-560
31. In The Vanguard of the Small School RevolutionN/A2005  
32. Is There a Heartbeat? Democratic Education and Maxine Greene's 'Dialectic of Freedom'N/AHands On1994vol. 48p. 14-17
33. Landscapes of Learning (book review)Paul NashTeachers College Record1979vol. 81 no. 1p. 112-116
34. Lawrence-Lightfoot Looks at Parent-Teacher RelationshipsN/A2003  
35. "Letters to the Next President" Forum Addresses the American Education CrisisN/A2003  
36. Looking back and looking ahead: Founders DayN/A1999  
37. Maxine Greene: Exclusions and AwakeningsN/A2001  
38. Maxine Greene, Master Educator, Philosopher and HumanistAdam Phillips2009  
39. Maxine Greene, Philosopher & Aesthete Joan Baum2003, Aug  
40. Maxine Greene Receives Honorary Doctorate from Long Island UniversityN/A2003  
41. Maxine Greene: The Arts and Shaping a Social VisionN/A1997  
42. Maxine Greene: The Importance of Personal Reflection - Philosophy meets public educationDouglas Cruickshank2008, April  
43. Meeting the MasterTeachers College 2006  
44. Panel Discusses Strategies for Saving NYC SchoolsN/A2002  
45. Preparing Teachers for Democratic Schools: The Holmes and Carnegie Reports Five Years Later-A Critical Reflection & ResponsesJames W. FraserTeachers College Record1992vol. 94 no. 1p. 7-55
46. Professor Maxine Greene Speaks Out for the ArtsN/A1997  
47. Race, Justice, Poverty Part of Unique TC Book SeriesJo Kadlecek 2003  
48. Re-imagining the Common SchoolN/A1999  
49. Releasing the Imagination: An Interview with Maxine GreeneJohn Braman2004  
50. Shaping the Public Debate on EducationN/A2003  
51. Talking About BooksN/A2005  
52. TC/NYU Conference Honors Educator Phillip JacksonN/A2003  
53. TC Teach-In: Helping Educators Respond to 9/11N/A2002  
54. TC Trustees Create Honorary Maxine Greene ChairN/A2004  
55. Teacher as Stranger: Educational Philosophy for the Modern Age (book review)Thomas F. Green Teachers College Record1974vol. 75 no. 3p. 405-407
56. Teachers College CEO&I Announces Winners Of First Annual Lifelong Learning AwardN/A2005, Dec  
57. The 9% Challenge: Education in School and Society Lauren A. SosniakTeachers College Record2001ID no.: 10756 
58. The Ambiguities of Freedom on the WebN/A1999  
59. The Determinants of Educational Outcomes: The Impact of Families, Peers, Teachers, and SchoolsHenry M. Levin Teachers College Record1981vol. 82 no. 4p. 713-716
60. The Incredible Maxine GreeneScott Noppe Brandon2005  
61. The Lincoln Center Summer Institute: Bravo & EncoreJoan Baum2002, June  
62. The Passionate Mind of Maxine GreeneWilliam F. Pinar, EditorFalmer Press Taylor & Francis Group1998  
63. The Philosophy and Education Program is a Burst of Energy and ExcitementN/A2003  
64. The Public School and the Private Vision: A Search for America in Education and Literature (book review)Ann M. KeppelTeachers College Record1966vol. 68 no. 1p. 79-79
65. Thinking About the Arts in Education: A Reformed PerspectivePhilip W. JacksonTeachers College Record1994vol. 95 no. 4p. 542-554
66. Three Personal Theories That Suggest Models for Teacher ResearchNancy PineTeachers College Record1992vol. 93 no. 4p. 656-672
67. Variations on a Blue Guitar: Maxine Greene on Aesthetic EducationN/A2002  

* Library assembled by Deborah Dosamantes, with the generous assistance of Christina White and Lincoln Center Institute's Everett Public Service Interns.