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about maxine greene

Philosopher, Imaginer, Inquirer

Through inquiries into sociology, history, and especially philosophy and literature, Maxine Greene explores living in awareness and "wide-awakeness" in order to advance social justice. Her thinking about existence and the power of imagination have been brought to life through her study, academic appointments, essays and books. In her teaching, she desires to educate those who speak, write, and resist in their own voices, rather than mimic her ideas and language.

Maxine received her doctorate in education from New York University in 1955 and went on to teach at New York University, Montclair State College and Brooklyn College. In 1965, she joined the faculty at Teachers College, Columbia University, establishing herself as a lone female voice among her male philosophy of education colleagues who found her "too literary." She is currently the William F. Russell Professor in the Foundations of Education (emerita) at Teachers College. In 2004, the Teachers College Trustees created the Maxine Greene Chair for Distinguished Contributions to Education.

As Philosopher-in-Residence of the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education (LCI) since 1976, Maxine conducts workshops, especially in Literature as Art, lectures at LCI's Summer Sessions, and has inspired the creation of a small high school, the High School of Arts, Imagination and Inquiry in association with LCI and New Visions for Public Schools.

She founded the Maxine Greene Foundation for Social Imagination, the Arts, and Education in 2003.

She is past President of the American Educational Research Association (AREA), Philosophy of Education Society, American Educational Studies Association (AESA), and the Middle Atlantic States Philosophy of Education Society.

She is the recipient of Honorary Degrees in the Humanities from Lehigh University, Hofstra University, the University of Colorado at Denver, the University of Indiana, Goddard College, Bank Street College, Nazareth College, McGill University, College Misericordia and Binghamton University.

She was awarded the Medal of Honor from Teachers College and Barnard College; Educator of the Year Award from Phi Delta Kappa; the Scholarly Achievement Award from Barnard College; AERA's Lifetime Achievement Award; and received a Fulbright fellowship, which took her to New Zealand.

The full range of human experience is not available to most individuals, but it can be explored, according to Maxine, through literature and the arts. She has put this into practice through a series of literary Salons, which she has conducted in her home for several decades. The Salon concept has recently expanded to include music and theatrical performances. She continues to appear as a featured speaker and panelist at academic and cultural institutions throughout the United States and Europe; and has also appeared in the multi-media dance piece, The Hershey Man, produced by La Manga Video and Dance Co.

* Text by Mary Bushnell Greiner and Deborah Dosamantes.